About the Author & Crew

The Author

Susan Schreyer lives and writes in Washington State. She shares space with her husband, son and, from time to time, her daughter. She is the past president of the Puget Sound Chapter of Sisters in Crime, and a founding member of Sky River Writers. From time to time Susan imagines herself resurrecting her blogs, but don't hold your breath. She's currently livin' the dream and can't be relied upon for follow-through. However, she reports that she is working on her next book.

The Supervisory Committee

The supervisors, Smokey Joe (top), Bastet (left), and Levita (right), have pretty much abandoned their jobs, finding naps, snacks, and birdwatching far more rewarding.

The Inspiration

He's the wrong color, and would prefer to be brown or bay rather than white. Other than that (and the lack of any psychic abilities whatsoever) Eddie's the one who inspired the character of Blackie. His special talent is smiling for the camera. His favorite pastime is eating, and dressage is his favorite sport. He does not solve crimes.


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