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There are now seven books in the
Thea Campbell Series 

Carried Away
-- a suspenseful, romantic comedy

When you're getting married for the second time to the same man, what could possibly go wrong?
 Saving the Queen of Diamonds
~~Thea Campbell Mystery #6 ~~

Family ... can't live with them, but an uneasy alliance might be an option when murder is an option
Shooting to Kill
~~ Thea Campbell Mystery #5~~
The police believe Thea's veterinarian's death was murder and not a freak accident. Thea's sister believes the cops arrested the wrong person and maneuvers Thea and Paul into investigating, unwittingly putting them directly in the killer's path.


~~ Thea Campbell Mystery #4 ~~
A human skeleton is the last thing Thea and Paul expect to find buried under a bush in their own backyard. The last thing they expect to have happen is for the old bones to disappear, unless it's the whole town believing in tales of pirate gold and digging for it in their garden. Someone, however, is more intent on destroying evidence of an old crime. 

 An Error in Judgment
~~ Thea Campbell Mystery #3 ~~
When Thea's best friend is arrested for the murder of her husband and the arresting officer asks for Thea and Paul's help they don't hesitate to agree, even though they must deal with the dead man's ruthless business partners and slighted family. Their good deed, however, will not go unpunished by a desperate killer. 


 Levels of Deception
~~ Thea Campbell Mystery #2 ~~
Word reaches Thea that her new love, paleontologist Paul Hudson, is under suspicion of murder a colleague and theft of valuable fossils. Her efforts to unearth the truth put her life in danger and have her family packing her off to the supposed safety of Paul's dig in Montana. Unfortunately for both Thea and Paul, it is not the safe haven everyone assumes.

 Death By A Dark Horse
~~ Thea Campbell Mystery #1 ~~
Thea tracks down the thief who stole her horse, only to find the woman was not only her uncle's star dressage student, but dead and now herself suspected of murder.



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