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About (Biography)

Susan lives in western Washington with her husband, two children, and numerous animals of a variety of species. She divides her non-family time between teaching dressage to people and horses, and writing mysteries.


The first story Susan ever wrote was while in elementary school. It was called, The Mystery of the Golden Horseshoe. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything about it except the title. Death By A Dark Horse is her first completed novel, and brings together her two passions of writing and riding.


Susan is a member of Sisters in Crime, and co-president of the Puget Sound Chapter. She is also an enthusiastic member of Guppies, and O-Pen Writers.

Above--Susan with Eddie, her Hanoverian gelding. He is the inspiration for "Blackie" in Death By A Dark Horse.

"Things I Learned From My Horse" and "Writing Horses" are Susan's blogs. Stop by for a visit.
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